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About Patrick Kennedy Theatre Machine

Image of Patrick Kennedy in a costume

Patrick Kennedy Theatre Machine creates impulsive, chimerical stage productions summoned from deep inside the unconscious which turbulently reverberate. We produce multi-layered, deeply complex theatre pieces motivated by the EXPERIENTIAL NOW. The LIVED EXPERIENCE.

We are always in the NOW even when we recall memories, daydream, anticipate events or do anything routine or creative: we cannot but be in the NOWAnd yet, when we try to grasp this experience in the instant of the NOW, we are always too late. The present of the NOW is always absent already when we try to reflect on it.

The Patrick Kennedy Theatre Machine reflects and uncovers the primal meanings of this ABSENT PRESENT in their stage productions forcing its audience to continually examine and re-examine its own biases and presuppositions.

Under Patrick Kennedy's deeply idiosyncratic aesthetic direction, The Patrick Kennedy Theatre Machine incorporates vaudeville, philosophy, slapstick, dadaism, surrealism and limitless other divergent sources.


The Patrick Kennedy Theatre Machine was founded in 2008 by Patrick Kennedy under its original name of PK Productions. It has premiered 10 productions including five works by Richard Foreman and Stanley Silverman.

Patrick Kennedy with Richard Foreman

Richard Foreman and Patrick Kennedy

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